MaaS Global provides an open platform for any Transport Service Provider (TSP) to integrate and provide its services via WhimApp.

Start with your mode of transportation

See how your services are offered in WhimApp and how we bring you a new amazing channel to acquire new customers.


We provide full scooter experience within the app by showing scooters, reserving them and allowing starting a ride. Customer are charged according with your fare structure.


We support dockless and docked bikes and allow full experience just like with scooters. Also we allow defining usage zones both for bikes and for scooters.

Shared cars

We allow bla-bla shared cars here, more info about shared cars here to be added here, should I just say I should write something here.

Rental cars

We provide KYC and full experience with using rental cars both


We support taxi and private-hire vehicles with different accomodation options.

Public transport

We aim at providing best experience using bus, underground or trains with rich journey planning and booking options.

Start with API

We aim to provide complete mobility experience when our customers use WhimApp, which includes planning a journey, finding closest service providers, ticketing, booking, and using service provider infrastructure in an open and straightforward way. To achieve this, we integrate using open Whim API without involving interactive session at client-side (launching an app or a browser).

We support a multimodal journey, which might include your services along with public transport, walking, and other modes of transportation.

Stations and booking options | Creating a booking

Start with example implementation

Clone our TSP adapter example to understand how it works on the example of Taxi TSP.


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