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Why Partner with MaaS Global

MaaS, short for Mobility as a Service, brings all means of travel together. MaaS Global is the world’s first true Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) operator with its award-winning Whim app, which provides users all city transport services in one app. Whim is the first all-inclusive MaaS solution commercially available on the market, allowing users to journey where and when they want with public transport, taxis, bikes, cars, and many other options, all under a single monthly subscription. As the world’s first ever mobility as a service operator, we’re set to make the biggest change in transport since affordable cars came to market. We would like you to join us.

How MaaS Global operates

The future of MaaS is built on trust and cooperation. For MaaS Global to deliver not only great user experience but also societal good, it has to be built on an open ecosystem.

  • We operate no services ourselves and want to work with everyone.
  • We say no to exclusive deals. People deserve choice, and we welcome competition with open arms.
  • Public transport will always be the backbone of MaaS.
  • We share data in the name of the virtuous cycle, not to monetize our users’ data; by helping our partners to improve their services, Whim becomes better helping more people to ditch their cars.